ERMA Strategic Partner, (SP)

ERMA’s Strategic Partners, enjoy a co-branded website.  Additionally, all Silver, Gold and Platinum customers/members of SP will receive a customized online “dashboard”, with features, products and services customized and approved by the Strategic Partners, which will allow for a greater “one-stop-shop” experience for their customers/members.

In addition to maximizing alternative revenue streams, Strategic Partners also enjoy the power of ERMA’s MARKETING and growing national network to receive LEADS and REFERRALS!

ERMA’s business model is to create partnerships and a strong network, therefore STARTUP costs for co-branding are minimal!  $500 or 4 paid memberships is all that is required for co-branding your site!  That’s it!  Your editable site is set up within 3-10 business days. Our team of specialists will work with you to make the site “yours” by adding/deleting buttons, diverting buttons to links of your choice, and will familiarize you with how your site works as well as orient and provide on-going support for your customer/members!